UNIC Conference

The UNIC Conference takes place online on June 11, 2021 from 12:30 - 17:00 CET.

The UNIC Conference Regenerating Post-Industrial Cities: The Role of Universities is a 1-day event that brings together the entire UNIC community. UNIC staff, students, associate partners, and the public are cordially invited to participate. 

Three of the of the UNIC Conference sessions will be open to the public. The first open session, the “Opening Ceremony,” introduces UNIC and provides a brief overview of our ambitions and achievements.

The second plenary session, “The European Study Experience: The Future of European Higher Education” prompts a panel of stakeholders to discuss what European Universities can contribute to our collective future.

The third plenary session, “Meeting the Challenges of Post-Industrial Cities” focuses a panel discussion on our cities and the role that UNIC can play in their renewal.

(Tentative) Program

All times in the program are in Central European Time (CET).

Friday, June 11

13:00 - 13:20 |  Opening Ceremony

13:20 - 14:00 |  The European Study Experience: the Future of European Higher Education

14:05 - 14:45 |   Meeting the Challneges of Post-Industrial Cities

14:45 - 15:00 |   Break

15:00 - 15:50 |  Parallel sessions (round 1)

15:50 - 16:00 | Break

16:00 - 16:50 |  Parallel sessions (round 2)

16:50 - 17:00 |  Closing

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