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Find a UNIC Expert

If you're looking for a UNIC expert on a media story, we're happy to help! UNIC students, professionals, researchers and academics engage deeply with post-industrial urban transitions, and work on topics such as inclusivity, health and well-being, security and justice, and urban challenges.

Our Open Case Repository has over 150 cases of positive societal impact, and research from the UNIC alliance. Our Staff page is also a good starting point to search by area of interest.

The UNIC Communications Officer will gladly assist you in finding an expert voice. They can be contact at

Media Toolkits

  • UNIC Press Kit (ZIP, 124mb)
  • UNIC Photo Library (ZIP, 102 mb)
  • UNIC Youtube Channel (please contact us directly for high-resolution video footage)

  • UNIC Brand Guidelines (PDF)
  • UNIC Narrative Handbook (March 2024)

  • UNIC Presentation Template (PPT, 5mb)
  • UNIC Logo Pack (ZIP, 1.3mb)
  • UNIC Logo Variations (ZIP, 600kb)
  • UNIC Font Pack (ZIP, 560kb)
  • UNIC Flyers and Promotional Material (ZIP, 2.5mb)
  • UNIC Zoom / Teams Backgrounds (Light, Dark)

  • Need additional material? Contact the UNIC Communications Officer at

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