Creating common frameworks for assessing and strengthening diversity and inclusion

UNIC Superdiversity Community is a network of diversity and inclusion experts from UNIC partner universities. Our shared commitment lies in promoting an integrated approach to diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Our basic goal is to further develop the involvement of university staff to build a community of excellence on the topic of superdiversity. The aim is to promote excellence in diversity and inclusion across our UNIC campus. We will systematically connect our diversity and inclusion offices and agents across the UNIC Alliance to create more UNIC cooperation on diversity and inclusion topics.

UNIC Superdiversity Community will strive to cultivate and eliminate inequalities and discrimination through:

• Increasing knowledge and improving practices about superdiversity and inclusion in the consortium and development of inclusive policies at UNIC partner universities,

• Implementing best practices in inclusion while sharing resources, policies, and strategies for effective diversity and inclusion practices across universities, and

• Fostering a collaborative approach, encouraging, and supporting joint activities focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in higher education.

UNIC Superdiversity Community will create a common framework for assessing and strengthening diversity and inclusion efforts in the alliance.

UNIC Superdiversity Community will promote an integrated approach to diversity and inclusion in higher education through a series of joint efforts to:

• Enhance cooperation capacities through networking of diversity and inclusion experts at UNIC universities,

• Develop capacities of diversity and inclusion offices at UNIC universities to increase knowledge and skills for working in a superdiverse environment,

• Connect UNIC students more closely with Role Models Alumni through cooperation and peer support, especially for underprivileged students,

• Include diversity and inclusion as guiding values in university strategic documents, and

• Developing and sharing innovative practices on how to make European higher education more inclusive

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