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UNIC CityLabs

Discussing Racism and Discrimination

Towards a more diverse and inclusive society: Discussing Racism and Discrimination in Oulu

UNIC CityLabs Urban resilience

UNIC CityLabs Resilient Zagreb

Management and human resources in times of crisis

UNIC Superdiversity Academy Superdiversity Schools

The First UNIC Superdiversity School: Approaching Higher Education wi...

Within the scope of the UNIC Superdiversity Academy (WP4), UNIC institutions are organising si...


Koç University Diversity, Inclusion, and Disabled Student Unit is organizing a sign language t...

UNIC CityLabs inclusion

Pop-up CityLabs “Students in exile: testimonies and proposals”

The objective of this meeting was to reflect on the difficulties encountered by young people w...

inclusion Inclusion

Campaign “Rendons notre université hospitalière”

ULiège supports refugees and asylum-seekers within the framework of an institutional policy ai...

inclusion Inclusion

Campaign “#Respect”

The #RESPECT campaign promotes ‘self-respect, respect for others, respect for diversity and ag...

Gender Equality

UniSAFE Survey

ULiège participates in a Survey on sexual and gender-based violence in universities

Gender Equality

Action Plan on Gender Equality

The University of Liège has implemented several years ago, under the impetus of the Vice-Recto...

UNIC CityLabs

Prevention or Cure ? Risks Management

The objective of this event was to discuss about our modern way of integrating risks within ou...

UNIC CityLabs

Ageing well in post-industrial cities

What does it mean to age well in a city with a rich industrial past? How do the histories of e...

UNIC CityLabs

Quality ageing in post-industrial cities

Forum of knowledge dissemination among academia, citizens, government and students around agei...

UNIC CityLabs inclusion Inclusion

"Immigration and undocumented people in Belgium: which reality?"

This workshop aimed to revisit concepts used by medias and politicians when talking about immi...