UNIC Centre for Teaching and Learning (UNIC CTL)

The UNIC CTL's Mission

We develop and conduct Teaching the Teachers Trainings (TTTs) within the UNIC consortium, aiming at assembling teachers of all partner universities and from all disciplines in order to think of new ways of international cooperation in Higher Education.

Our network aims towards a stable and deep collaboration in order to improve our local offers and shape and design common offers. We are currently designing a joint didactical training program for all UNIC university teachers, bringing together intercultural encounter and professional development. We also work on support materials and documents.


Learn more about the Centre's work by participating in one of our forthcoming workshops:


UNIC Teaching the Teachers Training on Virtual Exchange

‘Intercultural Dialogue: Collaborative Teaching and Learning in international settings’ A wor...

11 Sep 2024 - 13 Nov 2024

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UNIC Handbook on Physical and Virtual Mobility

The Centre is compiling documents that help teachers get inspired on international teaching – you can read about your colleagues realising international teaching collaborations in our Handbook on Physical and Virtual Mobility. These "stories from the field" show the variety of options for how Internationalisation of the Curriculum is implemented within UNIC.

You can also find checklists and practical hints if you want to reflect on your teaching.

The UNIC Handbook on Physical and Virtual Mobility is freely downloadable and shareable.
A PDF viewer is recommended to view this document.

Check back soon for new materials to support teaching in intercultural settings.


The CTL network has engaged in designing three consecutive workshops for university teachers to learn about Virtual Exchange.

Introduction to Virtual Exchange (TTT 1)
Takes place on the local level as an “Introduction to Virtual Exchange” with the basics of three topics (Virtual Exchange, intercultural teaching/diversity, collaborative learning). Nine organized between 2021 and 2023.
Intercultural Dialogue
(TTT 2)
In this workshop, the “Intercultural dialogue” will be focused by collaborative teamwork in internationally mixed small groups. The aim is to train participants in the design of Virtual Exchange activities. 13 organized since 2022: this workshop series is ongoing.
International Co-Teaching
Within UNIC (TTT 3)
Organised as subject-specific event (‘round table’ or ‘fair’) for Virtual Exchange activities. Four organized in 2023 with the topics: Change in societies through Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Cities and Social equity and inclusion in post-industrial societies.

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We support and help UNIC’s teachers to integrate virtual international activities into their courses.Email us at ctl[at]unic.eu

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