Tackling Inequalities in Rotterdam

Tackling Inequalities is the official interdisciplinary Master Honours Programme open to applicants from all Master programmes at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This Master Honours Programme has worked closely with the UNIC Consortium creating new ways of teaching and conducting research.



Start: 19.01.2022
End: 17.06.2022


Vital Cities and Citizens , UNIC , A.A van Beek Fonds

Tackling Inequalities provides Master students with a 6-months opportunity to:

Engage curiously and critically with their own and others’ practices, knowledges and assumptions about (causes of and solutions to) inequalities in Rotterdam.

Learn about Rotterdam through (visiting) other post-industrial cities in Europe.

Practice with adopting and embracing an interdisciplinary and collaborative mindset that gives a voice and listens to others, that acknowledges actors, knowledges and experiences that are often excluded from academic or policy practice, and that resists temptations to jump straight into top-down problem-solving mode.

17 students

3 teachers

5 Municipality staff

4 CSO's


Urban resilience | UNIC Superdiversity Academy | inclusion | Inclusion | Equality | Post-Industrial Cities


Resilience | Social inclusion | Post-industrial Cities | Urban resilience and transformation

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Organizing unic universities

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