UNIC offers joint courses for PhD researchers

Joint PhD programme of UNIC partner universities provides international qualification opportunities for Early Career Researchers.

Based on its core values, UNIC is dedicated to supporting networking and further development of research on Migration. We offer joint qualification and training opportunities, bring together PhD researchers working on the topic of Migration (or neighbouring fields) within the UNIC network of partner universities and provide an easy access to visit PhD courses/offers/events of partner universities.

(Virtual) mobility enables Early Career Researchers to collect international experiences and to inter-connect. As a flexible programme, you can choose the most suitable events. Its international perspectives complement and support your regular PhD procedure. Both generic courses and courses/events on migration-related topics are offered.

Who can participate and how does it work? PhD researchers of all UNIC universities working on the field of migration or neighbouring fields; Some of the offers are also open for PhD researchers with other research focusses.

What about Certificates and Recognition? The international perspectives provided by the programme complement and support your regular PhD supervision, but they do not replace local mentoring and supervision. PhD researchers receive a certificate for their participation in an international UNIC event and in some cases an extra certificate for their chosen course. A UNIC certificate can be provided for singular courses or for a collection of visited courses. In the case that a course is needed as an official part of your PhD degree, please contact your home university beforehand for the recognition questions!

More information and course offers: https://unic.eu/en/phd-programme

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