Workshop: Adaptive learning in continuing professional development

24/01/2023 14:55 - 24/01/2023 14:55

A workshop coming soon on adaptive learning in continuing professional development within the UNIC Series of Workshops on Lifelong Learning on the 24th of January 2023, 10am (MET).

Continuing education is increasingly moving into the private sphere of learners. In the area of conflict between family and professional compatibility, new demands are therefore made on the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of learning. In this workshop, you will gain insights into a current research project on adaptive learning to meet individual learning needs in a learner centered context of continuing professional development.

Workshop agenda:

  • Impuls lecture on challenges of time, practice opportunities, and motivation during online learning (Katharina Teich, Educational Psychology and Technology Research Group, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)
  • Impuls lecture on adaptive practice quizzing in continuing education (Linda Froese, Psychology of Education Research Group, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)
  • Followed by an exchange of experiences

UNIC – Lifelong Learning Workshop Series 

The valuable Lifelong Learning Workshop Series begun in 2022, is scheduled to resume in January 2023.

In this twenty first century, growing demands and expectations on our universities continue to mount rapidly, impressing upon us the need to be more responsive to social and economic development. Our universities, as educational entities, are increasingly challenged to develop new ways that work towards inclusion across a whole spectrum of diverse groups in its towns, cities and rural areas. The facilitation of learning for the inclusive social, cultural, and economic development to include the full multiplicity of all diverse groups is a key challenge.

The eight universities engaged in the current Lifelong Learning Workshop Series are responding to the opening up, broadening and deepening learning opportunities and the reach of universities to all diverse groups.

The work of UNIC and the forthcoming workshops are driven inter alia by the desire to improve marketable skills among groups, fostering understanding between them, while working to break down any social and cultural barriers which might inhibit the development of a flourishing intercultural society. The work builds on opportunities created by the rapid pace of development in new technologies in teaching and learning, which are key to extending the reach of education from our universities to these diverse learners, as part of what we term the ‘superdiverse classroom’.

Concomitantly, our universities, particularly those associated with post-industrial cities, need extensive dialogue, collaboration and international exchanges of tried and tested approaches, new initiatives, and the exchange of innovative pedagogies to be effective in guiding local, national and international developments in the area of Lifelong Learning.

This workshop series responds to the call among our partners who have developed valuable experience and knowledge in the provision of Lifelong Learning opportunities to further enhance and expand our work, experiences, and development in this area.

Through the alliance of our UNIC partners, University College Cork continues with our UNIC colleagues to roll out our Series of Lifelong Learning Workshops. Watch out for future posts!

Déirdre O’Byrne, University College Cork 

The workshop will take place on 24th January, 2023 at 10am (MET) via ZOOM. See link below.


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