UNIC Lifelong Learning Workshop Series, Workshop 6 | Identifying Expertise: How to Tailor One's Own Skills and Strengths for the Job

This workshop is aimed at Lifelong Learning professionals, in particular those working with highly-educated jobseekers transitioning from higher education to entrepreneurship and working life.

Tuesday 4th April 2023,
9am Irish time, 10am CEST
Online. Join Zoom meeting at this link.

The workshop presents a new type of training, located at the interface between universities and employment services. This training offers a new approach in a lifelong learning context to support highly educated unemployed jobseekers, especially from generalist fields, and those with early-stage entrepreneurship skills.

Entrepreneurial skills are strengthened from the perspective of learning psychology, which focuses on identifying and developing one's own competence, strengthening the participant's ability and capacity, and working purposefully alongside business development. The customer-oriented support offered by the training promotes a smooth transition from higher education to entrepreneurship and working life.

The workshop will include time for Q&A.


Anne Viherkari - Chair

Malla Örn works as a project manager in the Pathways to Business Project at the Faculty of Education and Psychology in the University of Oulu. Malla has master’s degree in Arts with Media Education as a major and service design and applied psychology as minor studies.

Henna Määttä is Development Manager at the Unit for Strategy and Science policy. Henna works as the UNIC Project Manager. As the Development Manager Henna Määttä is a member of the strategic education development team at OULU and one of her main tasks is to establish the operations of UNIC and ensure the strong link between the university and UNIC.

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