UNIC celebrates in April the 3rd UNIC CityLabs Festival in Bilbao

25/04/2023 09:00 - 26/04/2023 16:00

This Spring 2023 the UNIC Community will get together at the 3rd UNIC CityLabs Festival in the University of Deusto! This last edition of UNIC’s annual CityLabs festival will focus on the post-industrial link between our UNIC cities, with the great example of the city of Bilbao, gathering students, staff, researchers and active citizens of the now 10 European cities from this Alliance.

This 2-days event is organized by the University of Deusto and the City of Bilbao, with the contribution of many different enthusiastic stakeholders and UNIC colleagues. It will be held during 25th and 26th of April; the opening ceremony will be continued by interesting group activities aimed to celebrate the achievements from both CityLabs and the UNIC Alliance itself. Prizes are ready for outstanding participants!

There will also be space for internal meetings so that Rectors, City Representatives and other stakeholders can debate on UNIC’s current success and future plans for our city-university special link.

On the 26th, Bilbao citizenship will join UNIC community to participate to participate in a postindustrial route (held in English) through the past, present and future of the city of Bilbao, by visiting 4 different spots while getting to know local culture, language and history:

  • The River: from an Industrial Past to a Natural Axis of Development
  • Zorrozaurre: Island of Knowledge and Sustainable Development
  • Cultural Drivers: International Urban References and Avant-garde Projects
  • Bilbao: City of Events and Basque Identity

The visits will be followed by workshops in which attendees will be able to work on the presented contents and share their experience from different perspectives, universities and cities.

The Festival’s program and further information about Bilbao is available on this website. Admission visits and the workshops are free, although prior registration is needed for attendees.

We are looking forward to seeing you at UNIC CityLabs Festival Bilbao 2023!

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