Superdiversity School - ULiège 2023

This seminar aims to address the issues and challenges of diversity in higher education.

The focus of the seminar will be on three main areas: 1. student life (disability, gender-based violence and student engagement); 2. human resources (gender inequality and discrimination in hiring); 3. research (engaged research, democratisation of science, decolonisation of knowledge).

Seminar language: French.

Venue: University of Liège.


In preparation for the seminars of 26-27-28 April, and more particularly with regard to the 'research' aspect which will be the subject of the afternoon of 28 April, we are launching a call for posters aimed at doctoral students and junior researchers, from all disciplines, in order to explore the methods and issues of 'engaged' research, i.e. research that is thematically oriented towards contemporary societal challenges, and methodologically oriented towards different types of collaboration with actors. This is an example of a 'new' approach to knowledge production (an explanatory guide can be found here).

This is a unique opportunity for the visibility of your work for the members of ULiège, but also for the Universities that make up the alliance. 

We invite PhD students and junior researchers interested in participating in this project to send a written proposal (in French or English, 250 words) describing the contents and approach they would like to put forward in their poster to by 24/02/2023. Support for the production and installation of these materials, as well as their exhibition within the seminar, will be offered. Posters can be produced in English or French.

This initiative is set up with the support of Réjouisciences and the MSH.


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