Open Science Autumn @ UNIC4ER

The Open Science Autumn will provide expert knowledge and practical skills to raise the awareness of early career researchers for a comprehensive and recent understanding of Open Science and to support them to integrate Open Science techniques into their own research. Following the UNIC4ER Engaged Research Strategy, doctoral researchers and postdocs will discuss the impact of Open Science – for their research but also for society.

Part of the UNIC4ER Open Science Campus, The Open Science Autumn series of events combines expert discussions and qualification workshops. Experts of all universities share their knowledge and experiences on the most important aspects of Open Science. Their joint discussions with the participants contribute to shared understandings of Open Science and integrate doctoral researchers and postdocs into the ongoing discussions – taking into account the diversity of research. The expert discussions and workshops consider training offers already existing at the individual universities and try to advance the knowledge and skills within the network. Existing offers at individual partner universities can be integrated into the programme. 

Online Programme:

24.10.2023 Expert panel discussion: "Open Science: What, Why, and Why For Me?" (10.30 am -12 pm, UTC+2)

26.10.2023 Expert Insights: "Open Data" (1-3 pm, UTC+2)

27.10.2023 Expert Insights: "Open Access" (10 am-12pm, UTC+2)

07.11.2023 Workshop: "Open Innovation" (9 am-3 pm, UTC+1)

14.11.2023 Workshop: "Science Communication & Public Engagement" (9am-3pm, UTC+1)

20.11.2023 Expert Panel Discussion “Open Science: What’s coming up? What is important for me?” (10.30am-12pm, UTC+1)

Please note that while the workshops have participant limit based on their intensive working character, the panel discussions are open for all.  

For full event details and registration, please visit this page.  The registration is open now.

Coming soon - UNIC4ER Self-Learning Course on Science Communication

RUB Research School will develop an online self-learning course on science communication. The course will contain videos by a professional media journalist that will provide expert knowledge. The videos will be supplemented by exercises and working material to deepen and reflect knowledge and to enhance the transfer to own research activities. The course is scheduled for release in autumn 2023.

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