Exploring welfare bricolage in Europe's superdiverse neighbourhoods: A new concept for an age of complexity

You are invited to the UCC UNIC Superdiversity Academy Seminar Series on Thursday, 7th April from 11:00-12:30 (GMT).

As part of the UNIC European University initiative, UCC’s Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21), in conjunction with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit and Access UCC, is hosting a seminar series focused on the theme of superdiversity. The third seminar in this series will be presented by Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, Jenny Phillimore, from the University of Birmingham. The seminar will focus on the theme of 'exploring welfare bricolage in Europe's superdiverse neighbourhoods'. All staff and students from across the university are welcome to attend.

Abstract: Migration-driven diversity means that European cities are becoming increasingly superdiverse; however, our ways of undertaking welfare research and the ways in which services are delivered have yet to adapt to account for superdiversification processes. This seminar talk will introduce the concept of ‘welfare bricolage’, using it as a mechanism to explore the structures and rationales underpinning need and action, and how resources are connected across welfare regimes and borders and within locales.

Jenny Phillimore is a Professor of Migration and Superdiversity. She is a world leading scholar in refugee integration, superdiversity and access to social welfare with a particular focus on public health. Jenny is also an expert on Community Sponsorship. She is based at the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Birmingham.

Chair: Dr Claire Dorrity, School of Applied Social Studies/ISS21, UCC.

To join the seminar, please click on the Teams meeting here

For more information about this seminar series, please visit News | University College Cork or email ISS21@ucc.ie

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