ZORROZAURRE: ISLAND OF KNOWLEDGE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Bilbao Experiential visit and challenge workshop

Participants at the UNIC CityLabs Festival had the opportunity to enjoy an experiential visit to Zorrozaurre, Bilbao´s core of the post-industrialization process. After the experiential visit, participants were part of a challenge workshop, in collaboration with the City Council of Bilbao, to discuss the main challenge of the XX1st Century Post-Industrial UNIC cities, sharing experiences, examples and lessons learned from each city.


Experiential visit at Zorrozaurre, Bilbao Challenge workshop at the University of Deusto


Start: 26.04.2023
End: 26.04.2023


Bilbao City Council

Deindustrialization in Gran Bilbao led to a huge amount of land and space that required a sustainable conversion and recovery plan. In Bilbao, this plan has gone through different stages and projects and Zorrozaurre Island represents this effort of urban regeneration, which can be seen today from the Monte Cabras viewpoint. Sustainability as an urban regeneration axis as well as the activity developed in post-industrial areas in UNIC cities will be the topics tackled in the workshop.

There were two sessions,one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Total participants, in the morning and in the afternoon:

  • 39 academic staff
  • 17 administrative staff
  • 5 city representatives
  • 8 students
  • 3 Research fellows

Total number of participants: 72

Participants had an experiential visit to "Monte Cabras”, a new place in the city of Bilbao with an impressive balcony to Zorrozaurre Island, the core Bilbao´s post-industrialization and urban transformation. Participants were accompanied by a Council of Bilbao´s guide and after the experiential visit, they participated in a challenge workshop to discuss common challenges and experiences from each UNIC post-industrial city.


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