Walking as Critical Pedagogy a feminist walk in Cork

Professor Maggie O'Neill leads a walking tour of Cork City ending with a coffee conversation hosted by Cork Centre for Sexual Violence.


Cork City


Start: 01.04.2022
End: 01.04.2022


A Walking Pedagogy Tour of Cork City (Theme of Diversity and Inclusion) was led by Professor Maggie O’Neill as part of the UNIC Engaged Research Strategy Forum that took place in Cork City with participants from research, community organisations and CityLabs coordinators from across the UNIC Consortium.

The walk ended with a coffee conversation hosted by the Cork Centre for Sexual Violence. The group were interested to take the conversations around the issue of violence against women, the need for safe speaces in our cities forward and CityLab co-ordinators committed to facilitating a virtual meeting to enable the group to connect again, with each other and with invite extended to other interested researchers and civil society organisations.

Professor Maggie O'Neill shares some walking based resources on the themes of the walk and pedagogy:

  • A Feminist Walk of Cork
  • Our book Walking Methods:Research on the Move was published with Routledge in 2020. A further a book is in progress - Walking as Critical pedagogy - a collaboration with staff and students at UCC.
  • Walking as Critical Pedagogy a feminist walk in Cork - A short trailer of the full feminist walk and three web sites/projects using walking in research.

Some web sites linked to research projects.


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