VMP - Towards more Societal Engagement & Inclusion in Medical Practices: "engaged research & education"

The objective of the VMP of 16 May was to bring together students and staff of the medical faculties of the various UNIC partner universities, and staff from local NGOs to learn and discuss about Public Health themes related to inclusion.

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Start: 16.05.2023
End: 16.05.2023


What does it mean to be inclusive in medical practices? What does good engagement of society look like, and what obstacles do we encounter?

The program consisted of two parts. Each part followed this structure:

Each invited speaker shortly introduces his or herself and briefly shares the topic she/he wants to elaborate on in the round table discussion. Round table discussion starts. Guiding questions:

  • how does engagement of society and their communities ideally look like?
  • what (innovative) practices can be shared/elaborated on?
  • how do you encourage this approach internally for colleagues to follow?
  • what obstacles/barriers are encountered when doing that? -what would you like to learn from one of the other UNIC medical faculties?

Marianna Bevova, Director GIGA Doctoral School of Health Sciences, University of Liège, spoke about ‘Good practices of engaged research & education’.


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