The University... What about me? Discovery workshops, student meetings, campus visits

Themed workshops, meetings with students and campus visits.


University of Liège


Start: 24.10.2022
End: 25.10.2022


During the autumn break, the University of Liège organises themed workshops, meetings with students and campus visits to help students at the end of their secondary education for the future and open up their horizons toward higher education. The workshops are aimed at helping them understand how the university system works and at discovering the studies available to them. Moreover, they receive information about the careers that ULiège courses lead to, they find out more about ULiège orientation and support service and they have the possibility to talk to ULiège students about their daily lives.

Participants: Secondary school students (last years), ULiège students and staff.

More information: ULiège website


UNIC Superdiversity Academy

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