UNIC Generations' Lab course I

UNIC Generations’ Lab course is based on the design thinking methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.

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Start: 02.11.2021
End: 16.12.2021


GeroNursing Center , Center for Life Course Health Research , Geronursing Center , WellO2

The courses consists of 8 online seminars, group work, and independent work.During the course participants are solving real-life challenges in groups consisting of participants from in and outside the university, representing different generations and cultural backgrounds. The challenges are provided by companies and organizations from Oulu and UNIC partner countries. Besides the design thinking methodology, the theoretical frameworks of the course consist of art- and futures thinking techniques. At the end of the course students have the opportunity to present their solutions at the Future Fest Event.

  • Total participants:16
  • Total students: 10
  • Total staff members: 3
  • Total representatives of societal stakeholders: 3

During the courses, students were divided in 3 groups, each working on a different case study. Group 1 was working on solving the challenge How to keep adapting the access to health, social and digital services to support active and happy ageing? Group 1 came with the innovative solution of a Bank Bus, a service for digitally challenged elderly bank customers. The Bank Bus’ aim was to assist the elderly people with daily banking operations by visiting predefined locations on predefined schedules.

Group 2 was working on solving the challenge How can cross-generational activities and empowering of community help combat loneliness and vulnerability? Group 2’s solution was organizing a weekly cross-generational lunch event for senior people and university students.

Group 3 was working on solving the challenge: How to make a certain breathing device more accessible for elderly people? Group 3 came with different solutions on how to make the device more accessible. Some of these solutions were: arranging testing possibilities for the product and making the device tubes exchangeable so that the device can be used by multiple people.


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