Tourism in Bilbao as a post-industrial city: challenges and opportunities

The session gathered the vision of the panelists on Bilbao as a post-industrial city, the transformation of the city, success factors, opportunities, and current and future challenges, from the perspective of tourism.

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Start: 15.02.2022
End: 15.02.2022


Bilbao City Council

The three panelists - Basagaitz Guereño (Lecturer and researcher in the area of Tourism at the University of Deusto), Mercedes Rodríguez Larrauri (Director of Bilbao Turismo) and Beatriz Egaña (Student of the University of Deusto Master in Governance for Sustainable Urban Development) - were able to present some examples of emblematic projects that have characterized Bilbao, it’s main investments in culture equipaments, creative industry and tourism to boost the local and regional economy. Reflecting on how integrated and sustainable were these practices. Some of the issues addressed: Sustainable growth of tourism, importance of cultural tourism and local involvement, how does tourism help the transition and revaluation of Bilbao as a post-industrial city and its surroundings, how can citizens be involved in local tourism and how can Bilbao ensure that tourism growth is more inclusive of the local population.

Total participants: 23

Total students: 8

Total Staff members: 10

Total representatives of societal stakeholder: 5

During the session, the panelists were able to reflect on the limitations of citizen participation in the elaboration of political strategies for the development of a truly sustainable tourism activity in harmony with the needs/expectations of the citizens from the academic perspective, from the student experience and from the local public administration. The need for innovative tools for citizen participation and governance to achieve this goal was also highlighted.


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