Tackling Inequalities in Oulu

15 Students presented their way of conducting research and providing solutions and interventions for local city challenges in the city of Rotterdam while sharing this with over six other European universities.



Start: 16.06.2022
End: 16.06.2022


Our (academic) disciplines propose—and, sometimes, impose—specific ways of thinking about interventions and their effectiveness. And finally, like in policy, academic research does not necessarily stimulate the recognition and inclusion of the expertise, knowledges and views on problems and solutions of affected residents, local communities and their bottom-up initiatives.

So, if we want to tackle urban inequalities, we need to take critical stock of (our own) top-down attempts to solve problems and enable interventions that are based on the meaningful inclusion and recognition of affected residents.

15 students

5 teachers

2 CSO's

4 teachers

4 University staff


UNIC Superdiversity Academy | inclusion | Inclusion | Social Innovation


Resilience | Social inclusion | Health & Wellbeing

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