Summary of the outcomes for the political participation of youth

During Spring 2022 UNIC at Erasmus University Rotterdam held two pop-up city labs under the theme ‘Politics and the City’ with a focus on the use of voting rights by youngsters. The right to vote is essential in a democracy. During our first pop-up city lab event on 23 March, we had a very rich dialogue about why specifically most young people between 18 and 25 don’t exercise their right to vote. We identified issues and challenges faced by this target audience. We created problem statements and personae. In the second session on 22 June, we took it a step further by brainstorming, prototyping, and ideating solutions to the 4 main challenges that originated from the first session. In the attachment an overview is given of the solutions that were thought of




Municipality of Rotterdam , Local Politicians , Young 010 (youth organisation)



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