Strengthening Service-Learning at Jesuit Universities in Spain

Activity embedded in the VMPt: From data collector to co-researcher - how to successfully collaborate with society

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Start: 10.11.2022
End: 10.11.2022



Service Learning integrates engagement on behalf of a social group into a organized learning experience and aims at a better understanding of study content and subjects, the development of personal values and the formation of a sense of civic responsibility through community engagement or its reflection.

UNIJES – Jesuit universities is the network of university centers linked to the Society of Jesus in Spain that, while maintaining their autonomy and their own development, unite in order to promote alliances and common projects.

The objective of this project is the institutionalization of Service-Learning (S-L) in Unijes through the implementation and monitoring of joint initiatives (activities, training, development of impact measurement tools), as well as strengthening the networking.

Total participants: 4

Total students: 2

Total Staff members: 1

Total representatives of societal stakeholders: 1


Institutional support Achieving explicit institutional support, although it only fully guarantees the approval of the authorities so that the benefits of Service-Learning are seriously explored, increases the chances of the processes started consolidating.

Coordinated work

The coordinated work of several centers adds organisational complications, but also generates very powerful synergies: cross-support, in which each center brings different experiences; reflection, elaboration and joint decision-making, which can often be based on theadvance of different centers; and the scenario of collaboration, promoting participation and dialogue.

Learning community

This project has built a genuine learning community in which each centre and each individual participant contributes from their experience, receives from the rest and, together, more articulated challenges, individual and global, and practical difficulties are addressed.


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