THE RIVER: FROM AN INDUSTRIAL PAST TO A NATURAL AXIS OF DEVELOPMENT - Bilbao Experiential visit and challenge workshop

Participants at the UNIC CityLabs Festival had the opportunity to enjoy a experiential visit through the River of Bilbao to witness the evolution of Bilbao, as a Post-Industrial City. After the experiential visit, participants were part of a challenge workshop, in collaboration with the City Council of Bilbao, to discuss the main challenges of the XX1st Century UNIC Post-Industrial cities.


Experiential visit to the River of Bilbao Challenge workshop at the University of Deusto


Start: 26.04.2023
End: 26.04.2023


Bilbao City Council

As in many other post-industrial environments, Biscayan industry has been structured around its estuary. By navigating its waters, participants will be able to discover the history of this industrialization process and its subsequent move towards a modernized, service and activity area, from Bilbao to the mouth of the Nervión river, in the Abra area. Participants will have the opportunity to share how industrial environments have developed in UNIC cities and how the rivers have influenced or have been affected by this transformation. Likewise, the challenges encountered and the possibilities of growth for the cities will be explored.

There were two sessions,one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Total participants, in the morning and in the afternoon:

  • 42 academic staff
  • 18 administrative staff
  • 2 city representatives
  • 9 students
  • 1 Rector
  • 2 Senior Policy advisers

Total number of participants: 74

After witnessing the changes in the post-industrial city of Bilbao during their experiential visit to the estuary, participants had the opportunity to share the challenges and strategies of each of UNIC's post-industrial cities in terms of urban resilience, urban transformation, green cities and climate change.


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