Rainbow Walkway

Responding to the University of Cork’s initiative, the University of Zagreb has also decided to construct a Rainbow Walkway as a symbolic way of connecting our two inclusive UNIC campuses and cities.


Trg Republike Hrvatske 15, Zagreb


Start: 11.10.2021



This is the very first event of this type to be formally supported by the Rector in recognition and celebration of the diversity within the academic community. The event took place in the public space, at a centrally located city square facing the Faculty of Law and the University/Rectorate Building on October the 11th, 2021 (the National Coming Out Day) from 11am to 1pm. The organization of the event was entrusted to the student-staff alliance “ZA PRAVO” promoting equal rights and a safe academic environment for LGBTIQA+ students, established in 2020 at the Zagreb Faculty of Law. The key planned activities were joint construction of a rainbow pathway leading towards the University/Rectorate Building (symbolizing the University’s dedication to becoming an ever more inclusive space), an exhibit of the legal framework for LGBTIQA+ equality in Croatia - along with LGBTIQA+ students’ testimonials about their academic experiences (suggesting ample space for improving the nominally well-developed legislative framework). Participants had the the opportunity to express their support by writing messages on the board, treat themselves to home-made rainbow muffins and take a photo of themselves participating in this UNIC experience. It is the intention of the University of Zagreb’s UNIC team and the “ZA-PRAVO” alliance to see that this becomes only the first of many diversity and inclusion events organized at our campus in the years to come.


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