Port Cities Seminar: Sport, Solidarity and Social Inclusion

Roundtable discussion with local and international partners on innovating for sport, solidarity and social inclusion in our cities.

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Start: 07.06.2022
End: 07.06.2022


Cork Harbour Festival

As we move through the streets, parks, ports, waterways and public realms of our urban centres, it is through activities like sports and festivals that we find opportunity for encounters with each other. They allow us to gather, to connect, to amplify and to animate us as active members of our communities, locally and globally.

This roundtable discussion explores themes of body and movement(s), sport, physical activity and innovation and invites us to consider how, together, we can we rise to the challenge to create healthy, inclusive and sustainable futures for our port cities.

Connecting with community, city and university colleagues across the UNIC European University Alliance and Port University League, this second Cork Harbour Festival seminar on the Future of Port Cities considers how can we realise the benefits of personal and collective health, wellbeing and solidarity within our cities.

Contributors include:

  • Ms. Judie Russell, The Vidacademy (as Chair)

  • Dr Fiona Chambers, Head of School of Education and Founder of Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity

  • Dr. Yvon Bonenfant, artist-researcher and Head of Dept. of Theatre at University College Cork (UCC).

  • Mr. Jeff Gomez, PhD, UCC Sport Performance Manager and UCC IGNITE ’22 Entrepreneur

  • Mr. Renay Onur, General Manager & Board Member at Spor İstanbul - Social Entrepreneur (Ashoka Fellow)

  • Prof. Ichiro Araki, Port University League at Yokohama National University, Tokyo


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