Political Participation of youth in Rotterdam (part II)

In this second session we wanted to take it a step further by brainstorming, prototyping, and ideating solutions. In co-creation with the target audience and relevant stakeholders, we will design innovative and fun solutions to tackles these problems/obstacles.



Start: 22.06.2022
End: 22.06.2022


Municipality of Rotterdam , Local Politicians , Young 010 (youth organisation) , Chance to Influence (youth organisation)


During the first session/city lab the identified problems were:

  • A lack of understanding regarding the voting procedure;
  • A lack of trust in politicians (as a result of broken promises);
  • Disconnection between the target audience and politicians.
  • A lack of interaction between politicians and their constituents;
  • Some of the attendees mentioned the lack of representation. For this session we clustered the identified challenges of the previous session into four (main) problem statements for which the participants had to brainstorm, prototype and ideate solutions:
  1. How can we make information on political parties and/or politics in general more accessible?
  2. How can we make sure that political parties take young people seriously?
  3. How can we increase young people's confidence in politics?
  4. How can we motivate young people to use their right to vote?

23 participants

  • City councillors 3
  • Youth 4
  • EUR Academics 3
  • HR staff 1
  • EUR Students 7
  • Municipality staff 2
  • EUR staff 3

Our findings for this session were:

  • High level of participation with a smaller group.
  • The right stakeholders were present and motivated
  • Result driven and creative solutions.
  • Four innovative solutions are being worked out in order to discuss with partner universities during a VMP and after that a choice for the ‘ right’ solution will be made for the implementation;
  • Assignment was more concrete and straight to the point, however leaving enough space for the participants to add what they perceived as important.
  • Inclusive and respectful atmosphere.
  • Higher participation of influential stakeholders.
  • Food was excellent and brings people together.


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