Political participation of youth

UNIC EUR, Oulu, and UCC organized a workshop on the topic of Political participation of youth with the aim of exchanging experiences and ideas with researchers, students, and city stakeholders

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Start: 25.11.2022
End: 25.11.2022


The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi , UCC Societies

During this event the topic of political participation of youth was discussed with experts from the UNIC alliance, external stakeholders and the audience. The aim of this event was to exchange experiences with researchers, students and city stakeholders from the University of Oulu, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and University College Cork about the political participation of youth in the respective cities. The discussion continue with the reasons and behavior that underly the interest in politics amongst young people and how this could be positively impacted. Moreover, with this event we also aimed to connect different researchers and city stakeholders from the three UNIC universities to explore this topic further.

The event was divided into two parts. First part was a panel discussion where we gained insights about the political participation of youth in Rotterdam, Oulu and Cork, from three panellists. After the panel we continued to the second part of the event: open discussions with the audience. First an Erasmus University student, explained the importance of increasing trust in politics amongst youth. Subsequently, all panellists and participants started an open discussion, sharing ideas and coming up with solutions on how to increase political participation of youth in our cities. Participants compared the differences and similarities of the initiatives and organizations that exist in their cities that focus on youth and getting youth involved in politics or contribute to society.

  • Total participants:12
  • Students: 2
  • Staff members: 9
  • Representatives of societal stakeholders:1

When asked about the needs to support the political participation of youth different ideas emerged based on the local realities of the three cities:

  • Providing a safe and inclusive space to engage into youth-led initiatives
  • Accessible knowledge, language, and terminology for students to engage into active dialogue with politicians
  • Engaging and emphasizing the importance of voting before the age of 18
  • Emphasizing the relevance, impact and accountability of youth political participation: being able to inform change, decision-making, and policy
  • Introducing an intergenerational approach through role models
  • Involving student unions, student societies, engaged research, and youth councils as active stakeholders in the local political environment
  • Getting inspired by best practices, websites, and existing materials such as: European Youth Portal, EU Youth Test, Eurodes, and the School of Politics for Young People - developed by Sitra and the City of Oulu


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