Integration and cultural diversity; focus on racism: Working climate



Start: 08.02.2023
End: 08.02.2023


City of Bochum

The UNIC Pop-up CityLab "integration and cultural diversity", which focused on the issue of racism, brought representatives of the Ruhr University Bochum and the city of Bochum, as the two largest employers in Bochum, into exchange. The discussion was about how to deal with racism within both organizations (e.g. with accusations of racism from employees or applicants) but also accusations of racism from their "customers" i.e. students in the case of RUB, citizens in the case of the city. Likewise, the question of prevention of (systematic) racism in the organizations was addressed.

37 including: researchers, students, university staff members and city representatives.

  • 4 students
  • 2 researchers
  • 12 university staff members
  • 19 city representatives

A good working climate can contribute to the success of a company or organisation. Aspects that contribute to an improved working climate include equal opportunities for advancement regardless of origin and religion, a conscious approach to the issue of racism, and an understanding that diversity is an asset to the organisation. This requires more employees with a migrant background, awareness raising, safe spaces and anti-discrimination policies. Managers play a crucial role. They define the success factors, bring about the necessary changes in the organisation and implement them in their departments/areas.


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