The inclusion of International Students in HEIs : challenges and Best Practices

This session has adressed the challenges and good practices regarding the inclusion of international students in HEIs.




Start: 15.06.2022
End: 15.06.2022


We consider the different profiles and life and study experiences of the students concerned, as well as possible intersectionalities. The approaches adopted by HEIs to help students meet these challenges are different, including centralised support units and/or other types of services and actions. In addition, the initiatives undertaken may reflect the city's broader approach to diversity and inclusion issues. Building on previous local discussions on the subject, as well as additional and ongoing practice and reflection, the session aims to identify coherent and shared principles to be considered when including international students in HEIs. The presenters discussed the experiences developed in their university/city.

Gregor Stangherlin Patricia Petit Emma Connoly Cliona Maher

Cork and ULiege presented their own best practices, considering the fact that there is no central EDI in ULiège. EDI issues are dealt with relevant services by staff members in charge of them (administrative, and Faculties content wise).

Cork presented internationalisation as a driver of inclusion, with some good practices, i.e., migrand Support Clinic, Global Citizenship, Distributed Leadership Models for Global Reach or International Student Societes & University of Sanctuary. UCC has a Unit for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

The discussion went through the funding structure of these good examples, and highlight the importance of places to meet for the students, of the housing (as a way of connecting them) and langage learning.Furthermore, the "buddy program" (peer to peer mentoring in which students organize free time activities for each other) was also discussed, notably through one concrete example given by a student of Oulu (whose project was supported by the Ministry of Culture)


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