Evidence-based restorative care for successful aging

UNIC CityLabs in collaboration with the GeroNursing Centre (GNC) at the University of Oulu organized a workshop during UNIC CityLabs Festival with the aim of introducing restorative care practices of older adults.




Start: 16.06.2022
End: 16.06.2022


GeroNursing Center , Geronursing Center

The 2 hours workshop started with an introduction to the topic of restorative care for happy and healthy aging. This was followed by a group discussion on the European multidisciplinary view on restorative care and a simulation that allowed the participants to experience the worst case scenario in a nursing home. The second part of the workshop continued with the introduction of an online course for competence in restorative care of older adults developed by the Geronursing Center and a second simulation on restorative care case scenario in nursing home. The workshop ended with a call to action inviting participants from different unviersities to get involved.

  • Total participants: 16
  • Total students: 2
  • Total staff members: 14

The discussions throught the workshop provided new insights to the restorative care topic and potential research collaborations between different UNIC universities.


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