A bridge between Euskadi and Ukraine: The Ucrania-Euskadi association

The Ucrania-Euskadi association presented their experience in the context of the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine


Garate Room at the University of Deusto


Start: 04.11.2022
End: 04.11.2022


Basque Service for Integration and Intercultural Coexistence (Biltzen) , Ucrania-Euskadi association

As part of the pop-up entitled "Humanitarian Hosting at the University of Deusto. Inspiring experiences and practices", the Ucrania-Euskadi association was able to explain the work they have been doing to achieve the social inclusion of Ukrainian people in the Basque Country.

Total participants: 18

Total students: 6

Total Staff members: 10

Total representatives of societal stakeholder: 2

The Ucrania-Euskadi Socio-Cultural and Development Cooperation Association was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between the Ukrainian community and the Basque people. The aims of the Association, according to its president Oksana Demyanovich, are:

➢ To create the bridge between the two peoples that can serve as a platform of cultural knowledge through human experiences.

➢ To disseminate information about Ukrainian culture and history.

➢ To promote Ukraine's cooperation with Euskadi in the field of learning democratic practices, organization of civil society, and development cooperation.

➢ To contribute to the integration and assistance to Ukrainian citizens residing in the Basque Autonomous Community, and other adjacent communities, promoting solidarity among them.

More than 100 activities carried out between 2014 and 2021.

● awareness-raising and dissemination of Ukrainian culture: exhibitions, lectures, courses, participation in solidarity fairs.

● educational and cultural activities.

● leisure and free time.

● counseling and guidance.

● in the area of development cooperation.

Development of humanitarian aid work in Ukraine. Examples of activities: Dispatch of materials, local management of different lines of support, coordination with logistics points.

Development of support tasks for newly arrived Ukrainian people. Examples of activities: Information support and personal counseling, Accompaniment and translation, Help with consular consultations and organization of the visit to the consulate, Help with clothes and basic products (donations and collaboration with food bank), Psychological support groups, Art therapy activities, Various leisure time workshops, Organization and collaboration in the organization of - meetings, language classes, other interactive activities. Thus facilitating the integration of Ukrainian people in the Basque society.



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