Antiracism in Practice: How to Make Work Life More Inclusive?

Panel discussion and dialogue with the audience on the theme of antiracism in work life.


Aleksinkulma , Oulu


Start: 16.06.2022
End: 16.06.2022


Migration Institute of Finland.

While Finland wants to attract “international talent”, international degree students, other highly educated migrants, and minority youth regularly face obstacles when trying to find employment in their professional fields. This session was part of UNIC CityLabs Festival. It discussed structural racism in the labor market and seeked to find ways to make work life more inclusive.

The event included a panel with guest speakers: doctoral researcher and project coordinator Marian Tumanyan from the University of Oulu, entrepreneur and local politician Faisa Egge from Kokkola and Educational Developer Veli-Pekka Pelkonen from Villa Victor, Oulu. The joint discussion was hosted by researchers Johanna Hiitola (UO), Outi Kähäri (UO) and Sari Vanhanen (Migration Institute) who work in the project “Mobile Futures: Diversity, Trust, and Two-Way Integration” (Strategic Research Council within the Academy of Finland, 2021-2027).


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