UNIC Day 2022 at University College Cork and University of Deusto

Nov 3 and 4 marked UNIC Day on two campuses across the alliance, when students were invited to learn more about what the European University can mean for them.

University College Cork and the University of Deusto marked UNIC Day last week with two full days of programming that included talks, workshops, webinars, meets-and-greets, and donuts. 

It was also a day of underscoring connections across the UNIC alliance of post-industrial cities. Jouku Niinimäki, Rector, and Dr Johanna Bluemink, the Director of Development from the University of Oulu, Finland, visited University College Cork (UCC) on November 3, welcomed by UCC President John O’Halloran to explore best practices and future collaborations in sustainability, arts and culture, lifelong learning and microcredentials, as well as engaged research with staff members. 

At the University of Deusto, our brilliant student board organized a series of fun activities to introduce UNIC, as well as to imagine and propose what is expected of a future European university. A Virtual Meeting Platform and popup CityLab event on migration and social inclusion, focusing on refugee reception, shared challenges and inspiring practices with researchers in the field.

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UNIC Day at UCC was led by UNIC student representatives Alicia Joy O’ Sullivan and Benjamin Bolger. Alicia highlighted the benefits this alliance brings for students, saying, “UNIC Day was a celebration of all the wonderful opportunities and experiences UNIC has to offer our UCC students. Students also had their say on what they want to see from a European University and were excited by the opportunities from UNIC so far.” 

 Members from across the UNIC alliance getting together at University College Cork.

Events included interactive games to help imagine the future of the European University.


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