We guarantee that all UNIC students can acquire intercultural and multilingual skills and experience European exchange thanks to the UNIC Inter-University Campus, a virtual and administrative home base that encourages and facilitates student mobility.


European Student Card


Mobility Hubs

When you enroll one of the UNIC partner institutions, you are not limited to one campus or one city - you gain easy access to eight campuses located in Europe’s up-and-coming post-industrial cities.

UNIC lowers the threshold for students to participate in international activities



That each individual student will have their own unique international experience. For some UNIC students, it is not always possible to spend an extended period living and studying abroad.

UNIC ensures that virtual and blended mobility opportunities are available, so all students can study in an international context, without having to hop on an airplane.

When studying at UNIC,

you are not bound to one university’s course catalogue - you now can choose from ten different universities’ catalogues.

is a state-of-the-art learning & teaching environment, which provides students with the flexibility of following courses online and connecting with students from all partner universities. The campus is currently being developed and is a work-in-progress.

Customizing education

to fit your needs and interests has never been easier.

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