Engaged Research
Strategy Forum

The UNIC Strategy Forum on Engaged Research brought together UNIC European University Colleagues and City Partners for a series of workshops towards developing a common strategy, framework and supportive systems for involving and engaging citizens, civil society, public & city authorities and academia in joint research and innovation initiatives.

Due to COVID-19, the Engaged Research Strategy Forum was organized in a hybrid form with four virtual workshops taking place in January 2022 and a physical conference with city and university stakeholders taking place in March 2022.


The goals of the forum were to strategically align UNIC4ER Engaged Research and UNIC Erasmus+ CityLabs initiative work plans and ambitions, and contribute to the development of a common understanding of engaged research while engaging City Partners in dialogue on the societal challenges facing their municipalities and regions.

For more information on the sessions, key takeaways and results see the following attachment:

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